Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal, announced Sunday night that he will be running for city comptroller. Manhattan Borough President and Democratic front runner for comptroller Scott Stringer wasted no time going on the attack.

“Scott Stringer has a proven record of results and integrity and entered this race to help New York’s middle class regain its footing,” Stringer's campaign manager Sascha Owen said in a statement via Politicker. “By contrast, Eliot Spitzer is going to spurn the campaign finance program to try and buy personal redemption with his family fortune. The voters will decide.”

Stringer's campaign Twitter feed has also been very active since Spizter's announcement, retweeting the support from various NY politicians over the last 24 hours. @Stringer2013 even quoted BuzzFeed's Ben Smith via Twitter, "'Spitzer’s ordinary sin...ended his tenure as gov because his governorship was already going terribly'." @Stringer2013 continued, "'Spitzer had...a screw loose. As gov, he alienated allies & issued threats he couldn’t carry out'."

Spitzer joined John Gambling on WOR 710 Monday morning to react to Stringer's comments. Spitzer dismissed Stringer’s comments as being part of the process when asked by Gambling for his reaction, simply saying, "I've been in politics before, as they say it's a contact sport."

Listen to Spitzer's reaction on "The John Gambling Show" to Scott Stringer's comments below. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images