John Gambling and Mayor Bloomberg started off their conversation this morning by discussing one of the latest hot topics in the NYC mayoral race - and skipping over a particular candidate being focused on by the media.

The mayor stressed to listeners this morning that it is absolutely necessary to consider improvements in transportation in order to keep up with our changing city. John asked the mayor if he had feedback on Chris Quinn's plan to improve mass transit.

"The press is talking about Weiner, and not his policies, but--"

"--his actions," John joked.

"One joke is fine, after that let's get serious about this," Bloomberg said without hesitation, noticeably choosing to stay out of the media mayhem surrounding Anthony Weiner.

"At least Quinn's got some ideas," he said of her proposition for the state to give transportation control to the city. "The problem is that the state has this big organization, and they would never give up power."

Mayor Bloomberg noted that he suggested a similar idea back during his initial run for mayor, but this was before 9/11.

"The city should be in charge of its own transportation system, I just don't know how practical that is," he said.

As Chris Quinn has also mentioned, the issue of the incredible increase of those coming in and out of the city is something that needs to be dealt with by adding additional forms of public transit.

"Not to put mass transit on the [Tappan Zee] bridge is a terrible mistake - I don't care what it costs. Mass transit is our future," Bloomberg said.

Listen to Mayor Bloomberg's conversation about changing transportation in NYC below: