(John Del Signore) Elected officials are required by NYC law to disclose all extra income "of $1,000 or more from each source," and that includes income paid by any tenants at property they own. But mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio, who owns a charming two-family home on 11th Street in Park Slope, has not disclosed income from the rental since at least 2007, Crain's reports today.

One unit in the house is currently for rent for the standard obscene price of $2,200 per month, according to Trulia.com. The Times previously reported that de Blasio bought the house with his wife and his mother, who lived there until she died in 2007, after which de Blasio began renting it. NYC Department of Finance records show that they bought the house for $612,000 and it's now worth an estimated $1.1 million.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images