(Christopher Robbins) Attorneys made their final summations in the landmark federal stop-and-frisk trial yesterday, and in addition to voicing skepticism of the practice's effectiveness, the judge expressed interest in the NYPD adopting body-mounted cameras to monitor officers' encounters with citizens. "It struck me…that if the officer knew it was being recorded on video it would solve a lot of problems. Everybody would know exactly what occurred," Judge Shira Scheindlin said. "It would be easy to review it. The officer would be aware he's on tape. Everybody would know."

Recently the Salt Lake City police department began using the cameras, which cost $1,000 apiece (there are roughly 35,000 uniformed officers in the NYPD). "What better way to document the entire event then an officer wear a camera that sees what the officer sees?" Salt Lake City police chief Chris Burbank said.

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