The approval rating of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues to fall after the Bridgegate scandal.

According to a new Fairleigh Dickinson Public Mind poll, 41 percent of voters approve of his job performance.  Forty four percent say they disapprove.

Christie's approval rating has fallen from 48 percent in January, the month the Bridgegate scandal broke.  In November when he was re-elected, his approval rating was 61 percent.

"Unfortunately for the governor, the investigation appears to be turning him into a more polarizing figure," said Krista Jenkins, the Executive Director of Public Mind.  "As recently as late last year, his approval numbers were consistently bigger than his disapproves - by a pretty big margin - and more voters liked everything about him than disliked everything about him."

Just 24 percent of Democrats like the job Christie is doing, compared with 66 percent of Republicans.  Forty seven percent of independents approve of the governor's job performance.

"One of the defining characteristics of the governor that makes him a nationally sought after Republican is his widespread appeal in a Democratic state.  Bridgegate continues to erode that asset," Jenkins said.


Source:  Fairleigh Dickinson Public Mind

Photo Credit: Getty Images