New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is traveling to Iowa today, a key state in the presidential nominating process.

Christie’s aides said the trip is part of his responsibilities as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.  But it has many questioning whether he’s preparing to run for president.

“I certainly am going to consider it, but whether I do it or not is something that I honestly don’t know yet,” Christie told CNBC.

The trip to Iowa will give the governor a chance to shake hands with voters, talk with party leaders and meet with fundraisers.

Christie said he will decide whether to run after the November elections and claimed he’s not leaning in either direction.

“The folks who are leaning or actually doing stuff right now are often times folks who people don't know all that well,” Christie said.  “I suffer from a lot of things. That's not one of them, so I'm in no rush to make those decisions.”

Christie said he has a pretty busy day job as governor of New Jersey.


Source:  CNBC

Photo Credit: Getty Images