Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, will be sitting on a New York City jury for the trial of a man accused of dealing crack cocaine.

According to the Associated Press, Kennedy turned some heads in a Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday when she skipped a question asking her if she or any member of her family had ever been the victim of a crime. Caroline of course is the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and the niece of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, who were both assassinated.

When asked during jury selection if she knew anyone in law enforcement she said her brother (the late John F. Kennedy Jr.) once worked as an assistant district attorney. Caroline also answered that she knew a few people who had drug problems.

The now high profile case charges 31-year-old Nelson Chatman for dealing crack cocaine last December, according to the New York Post.

Photo Credit: Getty Images