Mayor Bloomberg sparked some controversy following his recent visit to WOR 710. Bloomberg was speaking to John Gambling about a new bill that would make it easier for people to sue the NYPD for racial profiling when he made comments that caught the ire of Rev. Al Sharpton and some Democratic mayoral candidates.

“It’s not a disproportionate percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing the murders,” Bloomberg told John Gambling Friday on WOR 710. “In that case, incidentally, I think, we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little. It’s exactly the reverse of what they’re saying. I don’t know where they went to school, but they certainly didn’t take a math course, or a logic course.”

Since Bloomberg’s radio show on Friday, Rev. Al Sharpton and mayoral candidates Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio, and Christine Quinn have condemned the mayor's comments.

Despite being asked to apologize by Sharpton, Mayor Bloomberg stood by the comments he made on "The John Gambling Show” and had his own criticism of Sharpton. “It’s sad he (Sharpton) got away from that, became a television star and doesn't seem to focus on the kids who just don't have the education that they need to compete and don't have a structured family at home that can help,” Bloomberg said according to the New York Daily News.

You can listen below to Mayor Bloomberg's controversial comments made on WOR 710.

Photo Credit: Getty Images