Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy posted a message on his Instagram account Wednesday saying his art had been cancelled due to "police activity." This sparked a number of rumors as to the meaning behind the message, with some speculating that the British artist had been arrested.

According to Gothamist, the NYPD has been looking for a reason to arrest Banksy. His "Better Out Than In" open-air NYC residency has been making headlines, but police don't seem to be big fans of his work.

Rumors of Banksy being arrested appear to be false. Huffington Post reports that a tipster said that Banksy had been arrested at Brooklyn's 79th precinct Wednesday morning. However, a representative at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner told Huffington Post,  "No, there's no arrest at the 79th precinct of this guy."

For now, we will just have to speculate as to what "police activity" caused the cancellation of his latest art. Or, maybe his Instagram post is the art?

Photo Credit: Getty Images