It looks like Anthony Weiner may have pulled an Al Gore. The former Vice President famously bragged about inventing the internet, which ultimately led to a barrage of late-night jokes. Now, Weiner has been caught backtracking after reportedly saying he “coined” the term Obamacare.

Weiner reportedly told the New York Times that Obamacare is a term he "coined." However, as the New York Daily News reports, Weiner's spokeswoman is now saying the 2013 mayoral candidate's comments were taken out of context. Spokeswoman Barbara Morgan is saying Weiner was claiming to be the first on the left to embrace the term. However, as the Daily News notes, Democrat John Conyers Jr. of Michigan began using the term in February of 2011, three months before Weiner used the term in a Congressional speech.

The term Obamacare is widely believed to have been created by Republicans to denounce President Obama's controversial health care plan. It has since been embraced by the White House and Democrats.

Photo Credit: Getty Images