(Rebecca Fishbein) Someone at JFK airport stumbled upon a machine gun in an international terminal's maintenance closet.

Officials say the gun, an unloaded Mac-11 subcompact machine pistol, was found by an electrician yesterday morning hidden in a box in a maintenance office in Terminal One, which is home to Air France, Turkish Airlines, Korean Air and a few others. The gun is capable of firing up to 32 rounds in under two seconds when loaded, and Port Authority officers were immediately called onto the scene to run ballistics tests.

No one seems particularly concerned that the weapon is part of some elaborate plot, though, and PA released a statement yesterday noting that the office "is locked and accessible only to a few people" and is "located OUTSIDE the terminal's secure area." Although it's unclear how it got into the terminal to begin with, there's a good chance it was stashed by someone on the inside.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Spencer Platt