() A Bronx woman is suing the NYPD for pepper spraying her and her children in a Brooklyn subway station last summer. The lawsuit, filed at the end of last month, accuses three NYPD officers of excessive force when they "needlessly and without warning pepper-sprayed a mother, father, and their three small children." The officers had stopped the family near the L platform at Atlantic Avenue because they suspected Marilyn Taylor of evading the fare when she used the service entry with her baby stroller. According to the lawsuit:

During this stop, the aggressive language and demeanor of the officers caused the Minor Children to become scared and upset. Ms. Taylor responded to her four-year-old daughter's question as to whether she was going to be okay by leaning over to tell her daughter that, "everything is going to be okay."

At this point, Officer Suranjit Dey unloaded pepper-spray into Ms. Taylor's face. The spray caused Ms. Taylor to reel backwards, nearly falling off the platform, and to fall to her knees, blinded and in pain.

The pepper spray struck all three children—ages four, two, and five months—causing them to "scream and cry in fear and pain," the lawsuit alleges. The two-year-old started vomiting from the pepper spray, which also struck Taylor's husband Dehaven McClain. Meanwhile, Taylor was handcuffed and dragged out of the station—the lawsuit alleges that she was pushed down the stairs on the way out, injuring her wrists and lower back.

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