Young Dro told The Breakfast Club that his daughter hadn't seen him for year because of her gay mother. Since Young Dro rapped about his baby mother on his latest single, "F.D.B" she reached out to Bossip to clear the air.

You can read a snippet of her letter here:

"Ok, so let me introduce myself, my name is Tamika and I am the inspiration behind the most blatantly disrespectful song out to date. I feel that i should say something because I have been quiet about this since this song became the “babymomma anthem” since it’s release. I am tired of hearing his fabricated interviews using me as the backdrop or storyline to FDB, It’s ridiculous. Yes it’s been 2 years not 3 as he stated that he has seen his little girl. Djuans whole segment on the FDB IS COMPLETELY FABRICATED.

He lies so much ITS SICKENING,the only time he is not lying is when his mouth is SHUT. I Have lived in the same house for 7 years and NOT ONCE IN THE 2 YEARS HAS HE DROVE TO SEE HIS DAUGHTER(wheres the effort?) We live 30 mins away!"

Is Young Dro the liar in this situation?

Here's the song:

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