Future told US Weekly that Ciara's been working long and hard to become the best mother she can be. 

The name of his son, Future Zahir Wilburn, is a combination of Ciara and himself and Future Sr. plans on encouraging his seed to be better than himself.

"She's with our son right now [in L.A.]. I just texted her when I got off the airplane, and I'm going to get on the phone with her to see how everything is going. She'll be a great mom. She's working at it every day and over time, I think she'll be the best.  

"I want him to be better than me. I would encourage him in anything he wants to do," Future said.

"I want to be behind him, of course. "You have to say you did it. 'll make sure I change a few diapers—a hands-on Dad!"