Wendy Williams isn't here for Rihanna's sheer dress worn on the red carpet of the CFDA Awards in NYC. 

Rihanna was also given Fashion Icon award and Wendy does not think she deserves that either because she's just a "risk taker."

Some of Wendy's comments:

“She’s got a really terrific body and she’s a really beautiful girl, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s totally inappropriate for walking out the house with this outfit on. “This is the kind of outfit…that when you invite all of your friends over and you’re hosting your down low sex party…then you wear this outfit.

"And you smoke your blunts out of a cigarette holder and you walk around like you own the joint. But you don’t walk out of the house like this. “Since when is public nudity ok?”

Rihanna talk begins at the 6:20 minute mark:

Photo Credit: YouTube