Nas tried to explain to Revolt why Chief Keef acts out so much without a care for consequences. The answer couples an explanation that surrounds the need people have to be seen and sometimes that means violence, gang-banging or getting into constant trouble.

Here’s some of the exact transcript of what Nas explained:

"What people gotta understand that in the street, you don't exist until you do something to put your name on one of the history book pages. When you out there and you think you have nothing, the smallest thing can give you some purpose.

"Whether it's you make people scared of you, you demand respect, you put fear in people's hearts around you, you took something from this dude, you joined that crew and you about that life... Whatever you're doing, you feel like now you can be counted. So people don't care about consequences because they feel like they're starting from nothing, anyway.

"If you feel like you a zero, if you're nothing, then you'll do anything because you don't want to be nothing. You want to do anything to feel alive, and that anything could be the penitentiary chances you taking, but whatever it is, you're gonna do it."

Here’s the full clip:

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Written by @IamVanessaDenis.