Mike Myers opened up to GQ magazine about Kanye West’s George Bush comments and what it was like to stand next to him that day. Shockingly,

Mike told GQ that he’s was in support of Kanye’s comment because it was true. Here’s what he told the publication:

"I don't do many things. And I remember watching the television and seeing, because I'm a citizen now, my fellow citizens on the roofs of buildings dying. And I turned into my father, where my dad would shout at the TV. My dad hated injustice.

"I've been called for many, many telethons, hither and yon, and I remember just being so upset and feeling, ironically, that if this was white people on roofs, the army would be there in five seconds. And these are my fellow citizens, who just happen to be people of color, sitting on roofs for multiple days."

"I'm, like, super proud to have been next to him. The look on my face is...to be honest with you, I thought I handled it well. I was like 'This is what's happening...' Because live TV is my milieu, and improv is my training, you know. It has been painful that the culture has at times meditated on my surprise, when it's really the message, dude.

"The message, the message, the message, you know. There's a world of fail culture, and it's hardly a fail on my part to be next to the guy that spoke truth to power at a time when horrific injustices... [he trails off, point made]"

You think these comments came too many years too late?



Photo Credit: Getty Images