Meek Mill releases a diss record for Cassidy but titles it "Kendrick You Next." It starts off with an audio clip of Tupac shouting that he's the "thuggest n*** out here."

The five-minute diss record isn't done with one beat because Meek went in over a mixture of four beats.

Check out the lyrics:

[Intro: 2Pac]
So okay, you want to see some macho s***? 
I’m the most macho n*** out here
I thought you niggas knew, I’m the most thuggish nigga out here
I have no motherf**** fear...
I have no fear, I have only ambition, and I want mine
And I will do anything to protect and feed my family

[Verse 1]
First off, f*** your b**** n*** get a blood test
You a upset n****, where the love at?
When we talking 'bout Philly know I f**** run that
Same place I've been up corners you can never come back
You raw n****, ball like I'm ? Paul n****
I cross n****, when you hate it cause you lost n****
You soft n****, didn't disrespect the boss, n****!
You dissin and getchya horn, that ain't getchya off n****
Broad n****, and you was screamin' "come to my hotel"
n****, we was slingin work out the motel!
No scale, batteries I know you so well...
...let's keep it trilla, you ain't never make a dope sale
You ain't never played that corner - make a coke sale
On a late night, swimmin with the great whites
You was rockin' durags - big T's fake mics
Boy you had a wild week, shoppin' on... street
Same place you bought your fake chain and your time-piece
How we gon' believe you? n**** I should lead you!
Talkin' "PC" that was never Beanie Sigel!
That was never ME, why you lying to the people?
I was locked down, still doing shit illegal
Running around in jail like: I ain't give a hell when
You was on PC, locking it with males

And I ain't got time for this s***, let me get another one

[Verse 2]
23 and 1 never get to see the sun
Had to get a glass visit just so you could see your son
Took a deal on your homie, cause you couldn't beat the gun
They was tryna give you life, man you know that wasn't right
Then you left him in the hood, on his head he had a price
You ain't even give a call, other n**** shot him twice
n**** trynna get a buzz off my name for some likes
Damn right while I'm at ya I'mma get you in the night, Cassidy
Boy you... trash to me
Do the math, I... to me
You ain't poppin, what the fuck could you ? to me
You just another dead body, another casualty
I'm in the streets, so I do this shit casually
And I ain't even write this s***, why you mad at me?
Cut you, nursery rhyming, flow perfectly in time
And I'm giving gas, I'm in the Aston that Swizzy designed
Now beat it, I know you're heated but I know you need it
I got that Justin Bieber please believe it, n**** I know you see it
They play piano at your viewing, let Alicia...
I asked Swizzy...
Swizz don't f*** with you, Melo didn't either
You f**** that check up, you bit the hand that feed you
And you was 6 feet, you got me digging deeper
Hold up, let's switch the beat so I can spit some Ether

[Verse 3]
I say, come on with your soft a**
All you n**** all trash, couldn't bet a 100 grand
n**** that's a small...
I'mma hit him where it hurts, this gon' make his...
This verse gon' hit this n**** harder than that car crash
That you should've died in, I'm mad that you survived it
But I came to murder you and have you scuba diving
Swimming with the fishes, all you n**** is b*****
Dick riders knocking on the wood, superstitious
Pause that, I'm all that, I'm really in the...
And when I see you nigga I'mma have you jumping fences
...through the alleys, you must be on the molly
Sniffing all that white s**** and f**** with that Bobby
Come to your hotel and meet you in the lobby
Just to Worldstar you and do you just like...
...Boy you lying, you ain't touring, you can't even get a show
S*** you like a [?] they can get you for the low
And I'm like a brick of... it cost 60 for the flow
You ain't a gangsta, you a wanksta, nigga 50 even know

[Verse 4]
You say you a gangsta but you never pop nothing
And you locked your homie out when you heard the cops coming
Rapping for a longtime, n**** you ain't got nothing
You ain't wanna battle Mook neither, n**** stop fronting
Damn homie, in high school you was the man homie
F*** happened to you?
You had a doghouse with a doghouse in the backyard
Now you living in a doghouse in the backyard
n**** I was broke then, now I got blackcard
You're career maxed out... like mac card
Easy n****, I talk greasy n****
And I'mma stunt on Instagram just to tease you, n****

Couple months we at the funeral
I swear to God that s*** was beautiful
Five x t's, durag's, the usual
Your mama screaming like "Cassidy what that dude do to you"
And this s*** called "Kendrick You Next"
I'm just on some s*** this time, everybody get it
You say my name, I give you a 1000
Just that simple...

Photo Credit: Getty Images