Eudoxiee is excited to move into a new home in Miami, Florida with Ludacris. When reading her IG hashtags, you can presume the excitement is for an engagement to Luda or that they’ve purchased a new home together.

Eudoxie tweeted this caption:

“I can’t wait for this new chapter of seeing your face every morning. Countdown begins now!!!! #nomorephonesex #nomorebreakingbackforsexypics #sorryTMI 😂😂😂”

It doesn’t end there, a fan commented that this also means there will be no more breaks for break babies, Eudoxie replied.

“Oh you are right. I forgot to hashtag that. Thanks for the reminder! #nomrebreakforbreakbabies IG needs a new app that allows you to edit your posts *red face emoji*”

Written by @IAmVanessaDenis