Internet personality turned celebrity has aired out BET for gender identity discrimination and is asking for $2.5M in damages. Many blogs have reported the story, but why not here about the issue from B. Scott himself. 

The short version of what's going on is that B. Scott was asked to serve as the Style Stage host for the BET Awards pre-awards and last minute the network asked him to change his outfit.

B. Scott blogged about the experience and stated that his outfit was submitted for approval early on and the powers that be changed their minds last minute. The network felt like B. Scott was dressed in a lady's garment, but B. Scott says there was nothing overly feminine about the outfit; it was a long pair of pants and a long shirt. 

Here's the personal statement from B. Scott from LoveBScott:

"While I want nothing more than to put this incident behind me and move on with my life, I still wholeheartedly believe that I’m entitled to a true public apology. BET’s non-apology statement added more insult to injury. What happened to me was not a ‘miscommunication’ nor was it ‘unintentional’. It was wrong. I have been vehemently trying to come to a resolution with BET and Viacom behind the scenes. After a few weeks of back and forth dialogue with no foreseeable resolution, I have filed a lawsuit against BET and its parent company Viacom for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation..."

Photo Credit: LoveBScott