A fan penned Baller Alert a letter about K. Michelle and how her new boo is a “deadbeat dad.” Her new boyfriend, IG name @No_Fabrication, frequently complains about child support whenever he makes a payment which are often inconsistent.

The letter goes on to say that her new boo only claims one child publicly but he has more than one.

He, Bobby Maze, is also couch hopping with his famous NFL and NBA friends.

A snippet of this snitching letter:

“… The thought of him pretending to be this standout guy with K Michelle and the public, sickens me.  I'm actually being nice right now, by not disclosing more.  At the end of the day, this all could have been avoided if he had just did right by our daughter.  But now, I wouldn't leave our daughter with him alone, because he so desperately wants out of being a dad, he may put her in harms way.  

“The Memo is K Michelle your man is a fraud, a monster and a deadbeat....and if you knowingly support and love this type of person, then it let's me  and the world know she is the same."

Read the full letter here on Baller Alert.


Written by @IamVanessaDenis.

Photo Credit: Getty Images