Evelyn Lozada isn’t too happy about Wendy Williams calling her son a “cash register.”

Wendy’s comment:

“I want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register, I mean, a baby boy, with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford,” Williams told the audience. “I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn girl, congratulations. “And Carl, Carl like a lot of sports players and a lot of artists, he’s not a bad-looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball. … Evelyn you get yourself a little apron and a little Epsom salt to make sure your man’s joint are all taken care of, and take care of your cash register.”

Evelyn saw the segment on Wendy Willams and quickly tweeted Wendy Williams this message: 


Seems like Evelyn is trying to call Wendy's husband a cheater. Ouch.

Do you think Evelyn needed to respond to Wendy?