Kanye's going to perform on the season finale of SNL. The writers also want to create an edgy Kim K parody that night too. This parody has 'Ye worried because he wants NBC to play nice with Kim.

NBC insider says this about the situation:

“Kanye as musical guest is a great get for SNL, but of course the writers want to push the envelope and take advantage of it with a Kim Kardashian skit...

“That’s not unusual since her famous family has been spoofed before with some very hilarious and spot-on impersonations of a whining Kim. They have to tread lightly because Kanye hasn’t been happy with all the flack Kim’s been getting about her pregnancy weight gain.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge – the writers don’t want to piss off Kanye so they’re prepared not to cross the line, but they will go as far as they can.”

Sometimes I just wish we can hear audio of celebrities saying the things insiders report. Can you imagine Kanye saying, "I don't want them to write a mean skit about Kim. Do you think they will?"

Man, if we could actually hear audio of that it'd be pure GOLD!

Salute: Radar Online

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